Northwest BMW Racing is a club driven group of friends and family who love to spend countless hours working on cars, taking 8 hour truck drives just to spend 12 hours a day at the track to support drivers James Haile, Brian Bogdon, Gareth Campbell and other drivers while they battle it out on the track, for nothing more but the love of the cars and sport. We are an amateur based team out of Spokane, Washington but with dedicated support from crew members and sponsors all over the Northwest (and world) and are grateful for each of them all equally.

James Haile, Brendan McIntire, Gareth Campbell and Anthony Kalcounis look on during the 2015 Cascade Sports Car Club Festival of Endurance

James Haile – Co-Owner and Driver
Northwest BMW Club Founder, Network Engineer at Sponsor DataPro Solutions, INC and Weekend Warrior that should probably be golfing instead of racing but has the fever and the only prescription is more track time.

Brendan and Ashley McIntire – Co-Owner and Builder
Owners of Absent Speed Factory, Brendan helps with everything from car set up to track side support and everything else in-between. Brendan is a vital asset to the team and we would be lost without his “redneck ingenuity” at times.  Brendan also builds and supports our Race Differential’s.  We highly recommend his work and have yet to have a problem with one of his units.

Equally as important as Brendan, Ashley has been helping us with anything and everything that the boys just can’t seem to find time to do (or want to do).  She plays a vital role in our success and we cannot thank her enough for her dedication and love having Ashley around the paddock.

Ashley McIntire directing traffic as James Haile steers while the Jared Corriea, Anthony Kalcounis and Brendan McIntire push the car to the paddock

Tommy Ridgeway – Crew Chief and Mechanic
Helps with everything from car set up and repairs to towing and parking the trailer. Tommy also serves as Crew Chief during Enduro Racing and is James’ right-hand man for car setups. Tommy is the coolest person on the planet and keeps things calm on and off the track.

Alexander Bahr – Mechanic and Driver
Owner of BAV Motors & Customs, Alex has been a part of our team since 2013 and worked to prep our M5 before the Ridge Endurance Race in 2013 and helped rebuild our newest BMW E36 325is in 2014.  Alex is a wiz at figuring out (and creating sometimes) electrical issues and is handy with a wrench in a pinch.  In 2016 Alex was able to prep his own E36 track car and even spent the day at Spokane County Raceway running it into the ground.  We hope to see Alex participate in some racing events with us soon.

Brendan McIntire chatting with Brian Bogdon while Tommy Ridgeway stands guard before the start of the 6 Hours of The Ridge Motorsports Park

Adam Harding – Driver and Sponsor
Owner of Hard Motorsport, Occasional Enduro Driver, helps with everything else despite being the busiest person on the planet. We really appreciate Adam and everything he has done for our team. We use nothing but Hard Motorsport parts on our cars and recommend them to anyone looking for quality race parts.

Jake Dunkin – Graphics and Funny Guy
Owner of 5erWest, Northwest BMW Club Co-Founder and Graphics guy that spends days designing, cutting and laying our vinyl just so we can go bang it all up and make him do it again. The road trips to the track are incredibly boring without Jake, we love this guy and thank him for all he has done for us.

Smiles from Adam Harding and Jake Dunkin while Tommy Ridgeway drives the P2 finishing Enduro E36 back into the paddock at the 6 Hours of The Ridge Motorsports Park 2015

Ian Olsen – Lead Mechanic
Ian has been involved in almost every build from the M5 to our current E36s and 2002s. In 2015 Ian is finally joining us full time in the shop and at the track and we could not be happier to have someone with his skill-set and knowledge available to us at all times.

Jared Correia – Mechanic and Driver
Owner of NW AutoWorks that helps with everything from repairs to track-side support. Jared has been a vital asset of our team since 2012 and is always heavily involved with our builds, maintenance and fabrication. Lately we have been pushing Jared to get into the drivers seat more and look forward to seeing him share the wheel very soon.

Michon Dini – Driver and Engine Tuner
“Dini” as we call him has been involved with our team tuning the car remotely and providing support/parts as needed.  In 2017, Michon joins us behind the wheel of our #94 BMW E36 as we campaign with Lucky Dog Racing League.  We could not be happier to have someone with the ability to tune and diagnose issues quickly onsite at all events such as Dini.  His feedback while driving will be incredibly valuable to get the most out of the teams cars.

Ian Olsen changing tires before a testing session with James Haile and Rob Boren from Spokane County Raceway