ASNW Auto Cross Onboard Fast Runs

Jared from NW Autoworks and James went out to Autosports Northwest Auto Cross and had a great time battling against each other.  We went home with a 1st and 2nd place and a great tan!  Here are our fast runs from the day and a couple of quick shots.


Spokane County Raceway Test and Tune Pictures

We have been going to Spokane County Raceway as often as possible because of the cheap cost of track time.  Here are some pictures from those events.

‘Black Panther’ about to pounce

For a “Budget” build, The NW Autoworks/nwBMWracing Black Panther E36 BMW has received a lot of attention as it nears completion and gets out for Auto Cross and HPDE Schools in 2016.  Condor Speed Shop Bushings look great against the Schwarz E36 chassis but should perform even better on the track.  Fresh Redline fluid for our rebuilt Absent Speed Factory 3.38 limited slip rear end after doing a quick flush with Royal Purple (it’s only real use).  Should be out for on track for the first or second Code Red Racing Sunday Test and Tunes on April 3rd or 9th at Spokane County Raceway.

Black Panther and first 2016 Update

2015 came and went so quickly that our “Purple Squirrel” and “Black Panther” Builds were put on the shelf.  2016 has refocused us and first up is finishing up the E36 325i budget build. Solid bushings from our sponsor Condor Speed Shop, a semi-rebuilt LSD from Absent Speed Factory, used K-Sport Coilovers and an E-Bay ZF Drive-shaft has this build on schedule to be on the track for Code Red Racing track days and Autosports Northwest Auto Cross in April.

The Sleeper Bushing Kit from Condor Speed Shop

The Sleeper Bushing Kit from Condor Speed Shop

NW Autoworks 325i Chumpcar Build

This project has been on-going since Jared at NW Autoworks bought this $500 E36 back in the summer of 2014 whether he knew it or not. This is a legitimate Chumpcar/Lemons candidate as it came with horrible paint, broken seats, windows and doors, rusted floors, beat fender arches, badly worn differential, helicoil drain plug and spark plug socket, engine misfire and only 3 usable forward gears. After fixing the misfire with a tuneup and injector clip, replacing the transmission and pressure plate with a spare setup we had laying around, Jared daily drove this beater for a few months before retiring it to the garage in exchange for an E34 535is, good choice.

It was only a matter of time (hours) before Jared, Ian and James started tearing into the 325i and scrounging up parts from James’ parts bins at home. Brendan from Absent Speed Factory came and grabbed our factory LSD and will rebuild back to OEM spec so it actually locks using left over parts from broken race differential’s we had laying on the shelf. James had some old OBD2 E36 M3 downpipes from his M3 in the backyard that we cut so we can open up our exhaust system and remove the cats. Jared started cutting out weight and put in a custom vent to remove the vandalism (deep key scratches) on the hood.

Tommy came over this weekend to join the fun and we removed all of the tar and began wire-brushing the entire car preparing it for cage and paint. Jared continued removing weight in the form of metal and wiring. Overall a very productive two days. Thank you Tommy and see you at The Ridge in April.

Our basic plan is to spend nothing on this car but some new bushings in high wear-areas and new rear subframe reinforcement plates and of course tires. We have Koni shocks we will pull off James’ Daily Driver and will reuse the old bolt-in cage from our 325is Racecar with some modifications to make it safer. We can’t believe Chumpcar allows bolt-in cages but we’re happy to take full advantage of the rule to save money. We hope to have the car on track mid June and racing with Chumpcar at Portland International Raceway in August. More to come.