Purple Squirrel back from Bavarian Motor Customs

Work has been slow since bringing the car back from Seattle due to family obligations but there has been some progress.  Alex from Bavarian Motor Customs built a completely custom body harness and hooked up the steering, brake booster and more.  Cannot thank Alex enough, he far exceeded our expectation’s.  The next tasks are block-off plates, lexan windows and blow out the fuel lines and install gas tank with new Bosch pumps.

Purple Squirrel Finds a Home

We delivered the Purple Squirrel build to Brendan at Absent Speed Factory sometime back in December (maybe November, I don’t remember) and he immediately set out to destroy James’ paint work as you can see in the pictures.  In all honesty the rear sub-frame is nearly completed with fresh bushing from Condor Speed Shop.  The front sub-frame is getting prepped for the Condor treatment as well.  Brendan has saved the car over 60lbs and has stitched welded the entire floor.  Very excited to see the level of detail being put into this build right down to brand new bolts, nuts and washers for every piece of the car.

ASF Breathing Life into the Purple Squirrel

The Absent Speed M3 has been born.  We are very excited to finally announce a new partnership with Absent Speed Factory for 2016-2018.  We will be able to field two nearly identical BMW E36 race cars year round while minimizing our travel costs to Seattle and Portland.  This will allow us to compete in more race weekends with ICSCC and SCCA and give us options with renting to paying drivers.

ASF will finish the build, store/maintain the car and transport it to and from the track and eventually Brendan wants to work towards an ICSCC License and share the seat with James and other drivers.

All that said we do have some updates to the Purple Squirrel. Brendan came over from Seattle and helped get the car to a rolling state.  The car currently awaits transportation to the west side of the state and the Absent Speed Factory shop where it will go through an extensive build to get the car ready to race in 2016.

Purple Squirrel M3 Update

With the help of Jared and Ian of NW Autoworks we finally picked up our 1997 BMW E36 M3 Race Car from Advanced Auto Fabrication.  A week later, 20 hours of labor and 20 cans of paint the interior has been prepped and painted Alpineweiss.  Short term plans are to paint the engine bay and refresh the subframes so it can move without dolly’s.  After that we’re not sure what the plans are with this chassis.  We might continue to build it or we might just keep it prepped enough so we have always have a spare race chassis.

Project Hard Motorsport M3 For Sale

We are forced to part with one race chassis which means our 1997 M3 Techno Violet and fully caged/Hard Motorsport Flared is for sale. 202k miles and clean title. There is $6500 worth of cage and fabrication work into the car by AAF including the seat mount and 10-Point Rollcage and other chassis reinforcements. Prices start at $7500 and go up depending on what the buyer wants to go with it.  Being sold as a build-able race chassis only.  Please call or text James at 509-220-5232 if interested.  Delivery is available/negotiable.

Here is a list of parts available for this car. All body panels are still in original OEM Techno Violet.  We will only sell parts with the car that the buyer wants. Extras will not be sold.

  • Doors
  • Trunk w/OEM Wing
  • Hood
  • Sunroof Panel
  • Side Skirts
  • M3 Mirrors
  • M3 Moldings
  • Front and Rear M3 Bumpers
  • Rear M3 Subframe and Trailing arms
  • Front Subframe, Control Arms and various other front end pieces
  • Brand new M3 Front Spindles/Knuckles
  • Gas tank with newer pumps
  • Black OEM M3 Dash
  • Black Door Sills
  • Full uncut harness OEM Body Harness and Fusebox
  • M3 Steering Rack
  • ZF M3 5 Speed
  • Rogue Octane Racing Short Shifter
  • Recently rebuilt KONI DA with Advanced Ground Control Coilovers and Racing Springs/Camber Plates (identical copy of what we have on our Race Car)
  • OEM Front E36 M3 Calipers w/Hawk HT10 Brake Pads (Not 100% we will sell with the car unless the deal is right)
  • Various M3/Racing Parts including Kosei K1 Wheels, Toyo R888s and Nitto NT01 tires


Big Picture Update

Lots has been happening since my last post; the M3 cage has been completed by Advanced Auto Fabrication and will be sent to blaster sometime in April.  I’m still undecided on what color to paint the M3 when it’s back from blasting.  I’ve always said that all BMW race cars should be Alpine.  Stay tuned for updates.

I have been ordering rebuild parts non-stop for our 325is race car as Jared and I from NW Autoworks have decided to completely go through our 325is Race Car from top to bottom. We will be replacing wearable items and upgrading in areas that are needed including rear subframe reinforcement, solid  subframe and differential bushings and new front and rear wheel bearing/hub assembly’s.  We also ordered a new dual fuel pump system from Bimmerworld and will be installing the old M5 Diff and Transmission Cooler Kits into the car as well.

Last weekend Jared and I also spent a few hours doing a major tuneup on my 94 325i daily driver that has nearly 287k original miles.  Running strong after new valve cover gasket, spark plugs, boots, and fixing vacuum leaks under the manifold.

M3 Cage, Motorsport Hardware, M50 Engine Delivery

Advanced Auto Fabrication is moving right along on the fabrication of our Hard Motorsport S54 E36 M3 Cage.  Could not be happier with the design, welds and construction.  Well done AAF!

Ryan from Motorsport Hardware also sent us out several sets of Wheel Stud and Racing Nut Kits to try out.  Very excited to try these out on our 325is very soon and eventually our M3 when it is ready.  Thank you Ryan!

Progress on our 325is Race Car over at NW AutoWorks has not slowed at all.  We began taking apart the interior, removed more stickers, cleaned up the body and have picked up a used, nearly complete M50 that we will run for the short time while we do a nice rebuild on the S52 we have in our possession.  I am hoping to have this car running by early March to shake it down at Oregon Raceway Park on March 29th.  This is sooner then previously predicted but we have just about everything needed to make this Bimmer run.

Weekend Update with Pictures and Plans

Our S54 M3 Race Car cage is coming along much quicker then we could have ever wanted.  Before too long we will be finishing the final strip down and sending it off to be blasted and painted.  Dave and Hank from Advanced Auto Fabrication are amazing when it comes to building SAFE cages as we learned last July.

Meanwhile at NW AutoWorks, Jared and I went over to Duvall, Washington and picked up the S54 for our M3 build at Advanced Auto Fabrication but we also picked up our new Track/Race Car rebuild.  Jared and I wasted no time getting right into the car and have the blown S52 out of the car and will begin rebuilding a a used S52 block.  We are aiming to have this car at Spokane County Raceway on April 26th/27th for the first ASNW Auto Cross of 2014.

M3 Cage Updates

Hank and Dave continuing on the fabrication process of our M3 build.  Jared and I also made a trip over to Duvall, Washington to visit Brendan and Tommy and pick up the heart of our project, a S54 I6 with 49k miles.

Winter Updates

Fall brought a lot of changes to our latest project including the fact we will no longer be using a S62 V8 but rather a S54 Inline 6.  As much as we wanted to build a monster, we felt it would be best to build a car that would be competitive in a class while not breaking budget, too much.

We also have acquired Scott Norton’s E36 ST Race Car and will begin rebuilding the cage and engine on that to get it on the track in early 2014.  Scott’s car is a former class winning Enduro car in the E2 class.  Good things are coming for Hard Motorsport, stay tuned as we look to campaign 3-4 cars in 2014.

I have also added a Classifieds Link to our blog displaying lots of race and performance parts for sale for the E36, E46 and E39 M5.

december_2013_import 017

Hard Motorsport S62 off to AAF

Jared and I finished pulling the wiring and cutting out the doors/trunk so we loaded it up and took it off to Advanced Auto Fabrication where the cage, S62 and Dry Sump and many other modifications will take place.

Ridge Bound

Our season started at The Ridge this year with a disappointing DNF halfway into the 6 Hour Enduro due to a gasket failure on the thermostat housing in our M5.  I’m happy to announce that we will be back to finish the season at The Ridge September 27-29th in Adam’s Hard Motorsport M3.


Work on the S62 M3 has been slow due to work, vacation and then more work but there has been some progress.

Hard MS Tear Down Days 3 and 4 Completed

Brendan, Jared and myself spent the last couple of days getting the S52 ready to be pulled from my M3 and finally yesterday afternoon we yanked that sucker out.  S62 insertion is that much closer.  Thank you Brendan for coming over from Seattle to spend the weekend working on the car!

AAF Has Been Busy

Stopped in at Advanced Auto Fabrication yesterday to check out what was going on down there and found these piles of M5 Racecar along with a couple of cool Porsche’s.  Hopefully only a couple more weeks until we’re fitting the S62 into the M3.

Hard MS M3 Tear Down Day 002

Started pulling off windows, body panels, and of course more interior pieces and wiring. Amazing how much wiring there is in such a small car.  Still another 2-3 days of solid work ahead of us before delivering the chassis to Advanced Auto Fabrication for S62 fitment, safety and tons more.